Today, my art career seemed to be failing, and I felt moved to tears that all my marketing for teaching particular art classes fell flat.

Yesterday, God had sent me a beautiful message of His hand in my work and in my ministry of encouragement to my fellow artists, so that what I felt today was really much less about me and more about "what's next". God is leading me into something new or "more".

I look at the painting that failed to sell at auction (April 4, 2016), when God told me it was reserved for something else, something "more". I look at the pastel paintings that were not selected for an exhibition just last week (September 2016) , and God says, "Patience, young Grasshopper" (in the voice of Pat Morita, of course).

Repeatedly, I am being shown ways that I serve God that have nothing at all to do with market sales or exhibitions.  In learning that these unique works created to honor the Lord and to encourage others actually do bring peace and comfort and encouragement, rekindled passion for creativity urges me to take those baby steps again to new work. I feel the Spirit moving!