A Year's Worth

Early in 2014, a small group of creative folks began journaling with me about our lives as artists. All of us are Christians, and all of us have struggles with family health or personal health or needed healing through art. Some of the struggles have been happening for years after a particular loss.

I have learned a good deal from our process and the greatest thing is that we are not a "group". We are Friends. Sometimes it is a month or more between chats, and we have to get caught up on "life". One of our friends has had two surgeries, and we continue being in touch and praying for her and with her. Of course, the same is true of any new development in our lives.

Recently, we marked the end of our focus on being Called as artists, saying prayers and affirming our commitment as painters (etc.) by viewing works by local artists. This took place at the Katy Area Artists 'Winter Show' at the Katy Contemporary Art Museum.

Most notable for the three of us attending that show was the art of our friend that had struggled and had had surgeries. She is still actively working, despite the obstacles, and we wanted to honor her awards by viewing the show. Prayers for healing are being answered, and it is such a wonderful thing to see her success!

EAG, praise God for all that you are sharing through your work! We missed both you and KM that day, but are hoping to share other events in the coming months.

The three of us were inspired to create by viewing that art show, and I look forward to seeing something new from EW and PAB. One result of our journaling through the past year is that we see God opening doors for each of us. May God continue drawing us together and blessing us through creative adventures. Together.